Course Overview

The Portal Administrator Training is the recommended introductory course that will lay the groundwork for understanding what Liferay can do for you. This two-day course will give you an overview of what Liferay has to offer out of the box and how Liferay can be used for managing users, managing content, and permissions. You will learn how Liferay can use these basic concepts to provide collaboration and a solution to business needs. This training establishes a robust foundation for a successful Liferay installation.

What You’ll Learn

By the end of the training, you should have an understanding of what Liferay has to offer out of the box including:

  • Portal Navigation
  • Managing users through Liferay Organizations and User Groups
  • How Liferay’s permissions system works out of the box
  • Applying permissions to users through Roles and teams
  • Managing creation and display of basic content through Sites
  • Managing pages in Sites
  • How to create and use Site and Page Templates
  • What different content types are available in Liferay
  • Managing your documents and media
  • How you can use Liferay for collaboration
  • Relating content through the Asset Framework
  • Extending default information with Custom Fields
  • Using Workflow in Liferay
  • How to use Dynamic Data Lists to retrieve information


The Portal Administrator course is an entry level course with no prerequisites.

Course Format:

Onsite, Online